time, what makes us tick


Is it our inner clock, or are we part of a gigantic clockwork regulating our daily moves? Observed on a human scale, the very basic rhythm of every day is sunset and sunrise, we go to bed and out of bed. A rhythm, so elementary and universal and at the same time so intimate.

‘Time, what makes us tick?’ is an installation in the Open Mind series of Pavlov E-Lab, presented on the Noorderzon Festival Groningen 2010. In this edition Max and Nelleke collaborated with chronobiologist Martha Merrow and physicist Eric Bergshoeff in their mutual exploration of the theme of Time. With music by Dennis van Tilburg.

Artistic leader: Nathalie Beekman
Production: Carla Wolbers
Animation filmmaker: Max Hattler
Filmmaker: Nelleke Koop
Scientists: Martha Merrow, Eric Bergshoef
Music: Dennis van Tilburg
Technique: Adri Schokker, Diederik Stevens
Communication: Marjan Moes
Graphic design: Hugomatic



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