one minute more


“One Minute More” is an experimental music video project with pianist Guy Livingston trying to define the scope of one minute. 60 composers wrote a piece of music for piano with the length of 1 minute. 5 filmmakers made a film for every minute of piano music. Nelleke made two series of ten short films. One of the series was made in the polder of Flevoland and the other was made in a theater. Since 2008 concert / film tour in Holland and abroad. Director / Editor: Nelleke Koop
Pianist / Initiator: Guy Livingston
Producton: Stichting Transatlantic
Productionmanager: Stephie Buttrich
Camera: Gijs Besseling
Light: Lennart Verstegen
Grip: Janneke van der Ven
Sound: Sem de Jongh, Evelien van der Molen

Other filmmakers: Thijs Schreuder, Menno Otten, Juan de Graaf, Newt Hinton


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