Kanaal Sociaal

What do you do when you have to take care of someone? The welfare state we were used to no longer exists. Six main characters Louise, Mariska, Elly, Piet, Seval and Marloes show what it takes and what they need. With enormous perseverance, patience and love they take care of their husband, brother, wife, mother or son. Shot in intimate scenes that hit you right in the heart.

The stories are set in Deventer where the football supporters of Go Ahead Eagles are in fact the caregivers of the neighborhood. And where in a local radio program ‘Kanaal Sociaal’, presentator Ria Mol invites guest speakers to share insights now that we are heading for a huge care infarction.
‘A good life is not a carefree life, but a life full of care.’

Scenario: Nelleke Koop, Stephane Kaas
Directors: Nelleke Koop, Stephane Kaas,
Marinka de Jongh
Research: Henneke Hagen
Camera: Wilko van Oosterhout
Sound: Carla van der Meijs
Music: Djurre de Haan
Sound design: Marc Lizier
Editing: Patrick Janssens Eline Bakker
Grading: Michiel Rummens
Commissioning Editor HUMAN: Bert Janssens
Advice: Mart Dominicus
Production: New Amsterdam Film Company, Thomas den Drijver, Sander Verdonk
Photography: Masha Osipova