floating bodies


Police and forensic doctors are able to examine a corpse because of a professional look. Their hands touch the body, feel the skin for traces, sew the skin, and comb the hair. Along these hands which succeed one another, the meaning of the remains changes: a found object becomes a human again. Director and Scenario: Nelleke Koop
Camera: Robbie van Brussel
Sound: Dennis Kersten, Sander Schreuders
Sounddesign: Marc Lizier
Editing: Danniel Danniel
Grading: Michiel Rummens
Title design: Susanne Keilhack
Subtitles: Erik Pezarro
Production Human: Wilma Verbeek
Commissioning editor Human: Kees Vlaanderen
Production managers: Rosan Boersma, Anke Hellebrand
Producers: Niek Koppen and Jan de Ruiter


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